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Ruby red lips are a reminder of the classical era past - a time where glamour in sound and colour transcends time and space.
Following the hottest makeup trend of winter 2012 for red lipstick, Glo&Ray presents our unique style, Revival.
A retro look of eye makeup featured a bold palette of Aegean Blue.
Apply the pale blue tint as the base colour to the eye lid; then, add baltic green and navy blue, and blend them in with a shimmery silver to contour the eye.
Define and enhance the eye with our Great Blue Hole eye liner to create a deep, profound and seductive look.
Outline your lips with lip brush and then fill the remaining with Imprint Red. Imprint Red’s unique, voluminous lighting and rich colours offer all-round coverage to your lips, giving you a vibrant, seductive and irresistible look.
The classic red lips retro look is sure to put you under the spotlight in this winter season.
With a winning smile, you will be the one to grace the stage ...

Using special advanced powder-baking techniques, this blend of natural minerals accomplishes a silk-like touch, giving this eye shadow a strong appeal and an iridescent finish.
Mariposa eye shadow from Glo&Ray is smudge-proof, long lasting, easily applied and can intensify in colour as you so desire.
By applying individually or blending a combination of shades, you can create a unique eye makeup of your own.

Glo&Ray recommends the shade of mystic purple, to be used in combination with adorable berry.
Mariposa Quartet Eye Shadow unveils an enchanting and velvety night sky. Using the palette’s shimmery violet shades, one builds up the layers of colours all along the contour of the eye.
Using the Eternity black silver shimmer eye liner, add to this sultry palette of colours by creating that perfect star-studded hyperbole across the mysterious, velvet night sky.
The single colour blush from Nuage highlights the pure baby pink blended with ultra-fine gold glitters. Light from the fire dazzles you with a Halo Pink.
La Amo lipstick boasts of the softest silky, satin touch. This selection is using the tint entitled Passion, a rich palette of berry colours.
Add to your final touch by using Fairy Dust lip gloss, a gloss with a brilliant pearl shimmer, which offers that sensual allure to your look like no other.
Creating a fun-filled, exciting celebration of the holiday season.
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