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Spring and summer highlights assorted colours. In this season however, extensive bright colours are no longer the go-to solution for makeup artists to bringing out the most stunning visual impact. Instead, they turn their eyes to the colour gradients. From graduated single colour shades to multi-colour graduated shades, makeup artists employ these techniques to produce surprising effects.

Applying blusher with multi-coloured shades can ingeniously create fabulous light and shadow effects. Makeup artists use dark to light shades across the face; from the cheekbone to the temple to achieve a dimensional look and to effectively frame the face.

Glo & Ray Rouge is reminiscent of ever-changing beautiful clouds. Fabricated from new refractive crystals and natural mineral particles, it features glistening and lustrous colours. Cloudy and light powders easily create gorgeous dimensional cheeks.

Velvet-like luster, cream-like texture, soft and silky to the touch. Comparable to a custom-made work of art from the best of the haute couture studios, a lipstick is not only your companion, but an ever-changing fashion accessory as well as creating a refreshing image. A powerful aura of red, curative pink, and complexion-brightening sheens of orange.
Glowing colour with a textured look, reminiscent of the finest fabrics, creates a 3D look. The Hydro Wrapping System colours and moistens lips. Glo & Ray Lipstick, one application, instant allure for your lips.

In spring and summer 2013, a sweet kiss, endless love.

Light, smooth, watery texture achieves a perfect, flawless complexion with a soft glow.
The Blue Crystal Fine Particles enhance skin’s reflection on light and help even the pigments, making your skin more radiant.
The embedded AAN (Active Aqua Nutrition) system provides a source of hydration and crease-resistance for all-day comfort.
With one simple application, the foundation easily stays onto the skin, offering a perfect all day long adherence, and creates a perfect finish.
Translucent and flawless skin presents a glowing look.
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