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Spring and summer are seasons filled with vigor, energy and vitality. In many shows, an assortment of rich and vibrant colours can be observed in garments, accessories, makeup and hair. The most eye-catching can be coloured eye shadows. Eyes are made to stand out and wow you along with nude palettes for the face, lips, light-coloured eyebrows and simplistic hairstyles. The distinctive makeup fashions vibrate a sense of elegance. Nude makeup and eye shadow colours complements each other to create an attractive collision of effects.

Glo & Ray Mariposa Quartet Eye Shadow is as light as coloured pigment on the wings of a butterfly. Diverse pearl powders are ingeniously mixed to produce the rich colours of the gorgeous eye shadows.

Eye liners can create a makeover for you. Catwoman in the 1940s, passionate punk in the 1970s and the new wave in the 1980s made their mark on the history innovations of eye-lining techniques. As a result, few innovations have been had; looks were at best renewed or refined.

This spring and summer, a variety of eyeliners are being rolled out. Numerous makeup artists are jumping out of the conservative box by trying their hands at combinations of diverse colours and geometric figures to create a unique eyelid style.

Glo & Ray Eternity Long Lasting Eye Liner leads this season’s fad for colours. A wide array of modern colours is available to be used in free combinations. Both individual and mixed applications can create aesthetic illusions. With rich colours and dramatic makeup effects, Glo & Ray Eyeliner outperforms traditional eyeliners. The unique colour protection formula prevents blooming.

Spring and summer highlights assorted colours. In this season however, extensive bright colours are no longer the go-to solution for makeup artists to bringing out the most stunning visual impact. Instead, they turn their eyes to the colour gradients. From graduated single colour shades to multi-colour graduated shades, makeup artists employ these techniques to produce surprising effects.

Applying blusher with multi-coloured shades can ingeniously create fabulous light and shadow effects. Makeup artists use dark to light shades across the face; from the cheekbone to the temple to achieve a dimensional look and to effectively frame the face.

Glo & Ray Rouge is reminiscent of ever-changing beautiful clouds. Fabricated from new refractive crystals and natural mineral particles, it features glistening and lustrous colours. Cloudy and light powders easily create gorgeous dimensional cheeks.
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