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Let your lips shine with shimmer, let lips speak for love! Love should be shimmering instead of dull, so are lips! Textured lips with shimmer are what girls look forward to.
After the highly acclaimed initial lipstick series of La Amo Creamy Matte, Glo&Ray now presents the new lipstick- Glo&Ray La Amo Creamy Shimmer Lip Colour.

Phenomenal colour enriched with a unique blend of Light Colour Fitness Complex; gently apply it with one smooth touch, and a perfect hint of lip colour is achieved. The Micro-Shine Particle provides a dazzling effect, giving an irresistibly fuller look to your lips.

Every girl in love or expecting a romantic relationship may choose varied lip colours to express their varied attitudes towards love; it can be passionate and unique, or coy and sweet, or decisive and ardent. Glo&Ray believes that the diverse lip colours of girls are the clear expressions of their varied opinions of love and the embodiment of their different personal charms.
After the highly acclaimed initial lipstick series of La Amo Creamy Matte, Glo&Ray presents the unique lipstick gift set of female charisma, including the most popular Gerbera 611, Passion 616 and the exclusive Forever 641 from the 2014 new series of La Amo Creamy Shimmer.
Passion 616: Genuine hot pink, expressing girls’ independent attitude in love. 
Gerbera 611: Energetic orange, injecting confidence and courage into new lovers in relationships.
Forever 641: Passionate vermilion, revealing the decisive character of girls in love and paying homage to eternal love

Christmas will always be for us, a time to celebrate, a time to joy, and a time to shine.
Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas.
But, in this holiday season, why not make it more joyful with a touch of colour! Just one La Amo lipstick can make your stand out. Try more of our cosmetic products, you may find the best of yourselves!
We now offer you a FREE DELIVERY with any £50 order!
Offer ends on 01.05.2014 at 00:00 AM GMT
(PLEASE NOTE, CHRISTMAS DELIVERY WILL BE EFFECT BY HOLIDAY, International order place after 13th of December will be delivered after Christmas, UK delivery depending on POST schedule.)
Wish you a Glo&Ray Christmas and Happy New Year!
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