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Dramatic eyes made easy!
The Sky Breaker Collection offers an extraordinary soft and smooth glide that achieves the perfect definition with just a single strike. Available in a variety of bold and bright shades, with a selection of matte, metallic shimmer and sparkling pearl finishes.
The range features a unique ultra-adhesion formula technology to deliver a rich and intense shade, alongside a waterproof formula for a long lasting, smudge-free effect.e!

This summer, Glo&Ray proudly introduce the new shades of La Amo Creamy Shimmer Lip Colour-- Marigold 644, Valentine 645, Fuchsia Kiss 646 and Honey 647. The extravagant shades bring the youthful vitality out of lips, which stands out alluring and appealing in this summer.
Phenomenal colour enriched with a unique blend of Light Colour Fitness Complex; gently apply it with one smooth touch, and a perfect hint of lip colour is achieved. The Micro-Shine Particle provides a dazzling effect, giving an irresistibly fuller look to your lips.

Detail is the key to eye makeup, and a stunning eye makeup cannot go without charming lashes. Every woman aspires for perfect natural lashes, which extensively amplify the eyes.
Length and volume alone does not guarantee the impression of perfect lashes. What’s more important is to create natural, curly and clean effect from the base of lashes. Therefore, Glo&Ray presents Infinite Lash Definition Mascara, making exquisite lashes an easy goal.
The ingeniously designed micro brush applies the mascara from the base of your lashes with attention to detail. Applicable to both top and bottom lashes, the brush magnifies and vitalizes eyes immediately, creating divinely natural lashes. The unique Multi Fiber Blending System makes our Infinite Lash Definition Mascara perfect with different particle sizes. Three different effects can be achieved with one micro brush—natural with one stroke, lengthened with two strokes, and divinely curled with three strokes. The lashe...
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